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Fretboard Autopsy Book/DVD Course

Unlock the secrets to turn the neck into a roadmap! Virtuoso guitarist Rusty Cooley is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of modern guitar playing. Take your own skills to new heights as Rusty shows his secrets that will give you the freedom to improvise over the entire fretboard without being locked into positions. Learn 4, 5, 6 and 7 root modes, expanded patterns spanning the neck, 3 octave modes, reverse linear patterns and modal sequences. Rusty shows you how to create modal chord progressions for each of the 7 modes that you can shred your own leads over. Rusty teaches the lessons for six string guitarists, but he has also included ALL-NEW bonus lessons for seven string guitarists as well. On the DVDs Rusty teaches and illustrates each playing example through easy-to-follow close up views of each hand. He slowly breaks down each lesson so you can easily follow along to get the hand positions correct. The included videos will also help you to hear how the examples are supposed to sound and most importantly you can see how Rusty applies them in a musical context.

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