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Questions to Answer Before You Buy a Mattress Topper

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Questions to Answer Before You Buy a Mattress Topper

Postby poseidon97 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 6:30 am

A mattress topper may seem like a simple product but, in fact, it's a sophisticated product that can lead to a lot of questions. To choose a high-quality mattress topper that is compatible with you and your partner, you should answer these questions first.

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Do you really need a mattress topper?

If your mattress is too firm and you need extra cushioning, a fairly soft and thick topper is what you want. On the other hand, if your purpose is to relieve pain, toppers with high-density latex or memory foam are your best bet, as they can offer additional joint support.

Some couples prefer different levels of mattress firmness for each person. This complicated problem actually has a simple solution. Simply put a firmer or softer topper that covers each half of the bed. This is easy for king-sized beds but if you have only a queen- or full-size bed, you'll probably need to cut down the mattress topper a bit. Foam models make this job easier to do.


Which degree of firmness do you like?

Latex and memory foam toppers have different levels of firmness. You can find the firmness indicator on the label of latex models. With memory foam toppers, you can guess the softness according to its thickness. Wool models are not the cushiest toppers, while fiber beds and feather beds are great for adding softness.

Do you suffer from allergies?

Don't buy mattress toppers made from feathers or latex if you're allergic to those materials. Many people also have problems with dust allergens. Our recommendation is that they should avoid synthetic and featherbed products, as they can host dust mites.

On the other hand, latex models are safe from dust mites. Models made from wool, which can repel moisture, are also good mattress toppers if you're an allergy sufferer. They can block the growth of some allergens, such as mold.

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Are you odor-sensitive?

A new memory foam topper can have an irksome smell. This also applies to some latex models. Though the smell may disappear after a few days, in many cases, customers have reported that they still experience those unpleasant odors even a few weeks or a few months later. Other problems that memory foam mattress toppers may cause among ultra-sensitive people are rashes, breathing problems, and headaches.

Does your body overheat while you’re sleeping?

Latex and memory foam models tend to trap the heat that your body emits, with latex having a less serious effect. You will feel hot, especially on dense and thick mattress toppers. Wool models, on the other hand, reduce body heat by pushing away moisture in the summer and providing extra warmth during the winter. A latex or memory foam topper that features a cotton blend cover may be cooler than one without.


Do you move a lot in bed?

Compared to other types of mattress toppers, you will find it harder to move on memory foam. At the same time, these toppers do not transfer much motion. Thus, if you often move and wake up your partner, memory foam is the best choice to stop those nighttime issues.

You can also pick up a latex mattress topper if you want a similar model with none of those problems.


Of course, there are countless problems when it comes to choosing a mattress topper. However, we're confident that we've covered the basic questions to consider before you order Good Mattress Topper Image for you.
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