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Would the world look like without online payments?

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Would the world look like without online payments?

Postby johiggins1212 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:33 am

Has anyone ever wondered what would be today's world without all of these digital and online payments like we have nowadays. Just see how dependent on the online stores we are nowadays, and almost every transaction ever is happening on the Internet. We buy things, we order things, we use services and pay for them via online banking, mobile payment apps, remittance platforms etc.

Whenever you send money to a friend or family even if they are in another country you can simply search something like "send money online fast" on Google and the 1st page will be full of actually relevant and working transfer platforms. That's really incredbile if you with about it and how connected people are nowadays.

You can run a business literally from your flat with a laptop on your desk. You can hire employees from all over the world and send them salary online without any significant problems. A quick research through the most popular money transfer reviews shows how diversified the offer really is. There are same day transfers, cheap transfers, foreign exchange transfers - you name it.

Imagine the world if there weren't that convenient methods and we would still be limited to our neighbouring stores. Maybe we could visit the next city once in a while for bigger shopping, but that's all. And now - you like this cute shirt from merchant who lives on another continent? No problem, quick online payment, 3 days delivery and it's yours.

I think that without this whole infrastructure there wouldn't be half of businesses and online platforms we use now each day. But people usually take it for granted. It's good to apprieciate the technology from time to time. And just look at how the whole world got connected out of a sudden. Payments are as easy as sending text messages. And when we talk about communication it's another whole topic that you can write to literally anybody instantly.
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